Our Services

Coastal Focus provides professional services in the following areas:

Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation (CHRMAP):

  • Information Gap Analysis.
  • Review existing planning controls.
  • Coastal asset (built and natural) inventory including cultural, recreational, economic and ecological values.
  • Assessment of exposure and sensitivity: identify risk to coastal assets that arise from coastal hazards (coastal erosion and inundation).
  • Coastal erosion and inundation hazard mapping.
  • Analysis of risk by considering the likelihood and consequence of the identified risks, to determine the overall level of risk (extreme, high, medium or low).
  • Risk treatment options.
  • Comparative evaluation of risk management and adaptation options (evaluating alternative adaptation pathways requires the consideration of a range of variables that affect the feasibility of various options).
  • Implementation plan (timeframes for implementation, resources, responsibilities, etc.).
  • Design and implementation of all stages of the community engagement throughout the project.

Coastal Rehabilitation Projects:

  • Site planning.
  • Coastal rehabilitation advice & recommendations.

Project Management:

  • Project management & coordination.
  • Development & review of project proposal.
  • Development & review of funding applications.

Peer Review:

  • Management Plans.
  • Coastal Strategies.
  • Policy documents.
  • Technical reports.


  • Scenario Planning Workshops.
  • Other community planning workshops.

Capacity Building:

  • Coastal monitoring programs.
  • Community based education.
  • Interviews, focus groups and surveys.
  • Communication strategies.

Coastal Management Plans:

  • Foreshore Management Plans.
  • Coastal Strategies.

Fauna and Flora Surveys