2016 Lower Blackwood River LCDC Sustainability Project.
Assessing values for sustainability outcomes. In partnership with Curtin University Sustainability Institute.

2016 Gingin Dandaragan Coastal Hazard Management Adaptation Planning. Working with the Shires of Gingin and Dandaragan (WA) to develop a Coastal Adaptation Plan for the low lying coastal settlements of Guilderton, Seabird, Ledge Point, Lancelin, Cervantes and Jurien Bay. The Plan will identify a range of available adaptation measures for implementing scenarios such as avoid, relocate, accommodate and protect, and the applicability of those measures under the current Western Australian legislative framework.

2015 Wonnerup Coastal Reserves Management Plan.

Working with O2 Marine to prepare a Foreshore Management Plan for the coast north of Port Geographe, Busselton (WA).

2014 Community Information Session Report Gingin Dandaragan Coastal Partnership: Coastal Hazard Risk Management Project. Download

The Shire of Gingin and the Shire of Dandaragan recently held two community information sessions to raise community awareness about the Gingin Dandaragan Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaptation Planning (CHRMAP) project. This project is currently being undertaken by the Shire of Dandaragan and the Shire of Gingin, together with the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC). These information sessions were largely funded by NACC’s Coastal Devolved Grants program. The aim of this Report is to discuss whether these community information sessions were effective in raising community awareness about the CHRMAP project.

2013 – Gingin Dandaragan Workshop Summary Report Download

This Report collates the outcomes of the Stakeholders Workshop held at the Ledge Point Country Club on 17 July 2013.

The workshop discussed:

  • Coastal hazard risk assessments as tools for reducing risk to coastal assets,
  • Coastal processes and hazards affecting the Hill Primary Coastal Compartment,
  • Required next steps for the Hill Primary Coastal Compartment,
  • Methods for strengthening multi-agency partnerships; and
  • Potential networks and resources available for supporting next steps.

2013 – Hill Primary Coastal Compartment Information and Gap Analysis Report  Download

The purpose of this  Report is to summarise existing coastal data sets for the Hill Primary Compartment and their usefulness for assessing and mapping coastal hazards at a scale that is useful for local planning and decision-making. This Report, commissioned by the Shire of Dandaragan, the Shire of Gingin and the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council, represents the first step towards preparing and adapting to the impacts of coastal hazards in the Gingin Dandaragan region.

2012 – Horrocks Beach Foreshore Restoration Plan. Download

Prepared for the Horrocks Progress Association & The Shire of Northampton. This document aims to provide the Horrocks community with tangible solutions and practical advice for the future management of the Horrocks foreshore.

2012 – Project 2: South Greenough 2 Cape Burney Coastal Planning Strategy. Download